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Dawn Speaks

Roll Out. Resource Mining. Resilience.

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Hacking Our Physical Reality: The Tech-enabled Product Development Blueprint

A mere 3% of tech-enabled product concepts make it to market. To beat the odds, you need the right contacts, deep training, and some help seeing around treacherous corners. Dawn teaches how to stack the cards in your favor with lean prototyping hacks, the hardware fundraising blueprint, and tips and tricks to make it to the finish line. 

Funding from Grants to Venture 

.05% of startups secure venture funding and Black-led companies receive a paltry 1% of that very exclusive pie. Dawn lectures on fundraising at Carnegie Mellon, Georgetown, and University of Maryland. She has helped women and underrepresented founders secure funding at every stage of development. Along the way, she has developed clever hacks to get seen and seeded. Whether you're looking for non-dillutive grants to get started or ready to jump into venture, she's got some plays you want to run. 

Japanese Money
Cloudy Mountain

Resilience: From Hard to Handled

Marcus Aurelius famously said that "the obstacle is the way." That rings ever more true in tech and entrepreneurship. Dawn knows a thing or two about handling hard things with gusto. She battled cancer and beat the odds to raise venture-backed brands and secure partnership with some of the most prominent investors and corporations on the planet. Learn how to build your resilience muscle, spin hardship into gold, and get motivated to move whatever mountain stands in your way.

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