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I'm Dawn, Founder at THE MOST and Director of Education at Black Girl Ventures. I started THE MOST to make physical products that meet nuanced needs of women of color, but I quickly learned that engineering and manufacturing startups require an incredible amount of capital - both financial and social - to succeed. I had to get really creative to raise funds to surmount the heightened barriers to entry for minorities in this space and found myself advising other women on how to work what they have to get what they need to start their business.


Along the way, I've acquired a passion for helping underrepresented founders learn and grow in entrepreneurship. As Director of Education at Black Girl Ventures, I am committed to creating quality programming for the fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs in the country. I am honored to be able to reach, teach, mentor and connect some of the best and brightest emerging founders by giving them the tools and social capital to break through the invisible barriers that keep so many entrepreneurs of color from building wealth and innovating for their communities.