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Founder, Speaker, Educator.

Resilient, Innovative, Fun.  

The tech-enabled hardware space empowers niche communities to improve their quality of life through physical product solutions that solve often overlooked pain points. Dawn speaks extensively on the roadmap from ideation to market, and connects founders with the resources they need to innovate for their communities. Dawn had to get scrappy to surmount the heightened barriers to entry in the hardware space and quickly found herself coaching on lean development, early stage fundraising, and securing early non-dilutive funding. Finally, Dawn's experience battling cancer while launching brands has served as a roadmap for others facing major challenges while building.

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Umi's Roots Endorses Dawn Myers
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Umi's Roots Endorses Dawn Myers

Carnedgie Mellon Professor Mark DeSantis endorses Dawn Myers for pitch training
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Carnedgie Mellon Professor Mark DeSantis endorses Dawn Myers for pitch training

THE MOST, Inc. Mission
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THE MOST, Inc. Mission

Learning the Intellectual Property Ropes
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Learning the Intellectual Property Ropes

At Your Service.

Just starting out and looking for guidance? Have a physical product concept and no clue where to start? Want feedback on your pitch or help with your deck?
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Mark DeSantis, Serial Entrepreneur and Professor of Entrepreneurship
@ Carnegie Mellon

"I thought I knew how to pitch until I heard Dawn's lecture. If you ever have the opportunity to receive Dawn's wisdon, take it." 

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Amu Fowler, Managing Director
@ Startups Ignite

"When I first met Dawn, I knew she would be the perfect fit to lead our startup community launch in DC.  She is a great listener, team player, knowledgeable, articulate, charismatic, an enigmatic speaker, manager/leader, super connector, evangelist, and supporter of startups and is not only focused on the community as a whole, but also in helping individual founders succeed."

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DeDe Sanogo, Founder
@ myTaask

"Dawn gets it! She knows that entrepreneurship isn't just about business; it's personal. I appreciate Dawn for her innovative approach to empowering founders to embrace their authentic selves."

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John Grahm, Co-Founder
@ Umi's Roots

"Having Conversations with Dawn has changed my entire approach to raising capital. She has expanded our aperture as to what's possible in this space. 

Working with Dawn ... can net way more on the back end of your venture deal." 


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